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Facility mangment Facility Management
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Maintenance (HAVAC)
Fire Suppression Systems and Elevators Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance
Civil Work (CW)
Painting Services
Cleaning Services and Pest Control
Sanitary and Drainage System Maintenance (SDS)
Masonry, Carpentry & Aluminum Works

     Our Services

Facility Management:

INJAZ is not only a simple maintenance service provider, it also has a multidisciplinary team that can offer full facility management services integrating all service providers such as: security, cleaning, pest control, etc, and manage their performance within the development. INJAZ can even go further if the client's requirements stretch across multifaceted operations which include residential, commercial, retail and health clubs, we can combine resources to help our clients achieve their strategic and operational objectives.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Maintenance (HVAC):

Our HVAC department offers customer's prompt 24/7 quality-assured service to ensure the heating / cooling system operates at peak efficiency. We maintain / repair air-conditioning coils, cooling towers, chillers, fans, pumps, air balance, ductwork, filtration, ventilation, exhausts, and building automation systems (BAS).

Fire Suppression Systems and Elevators Maintenance:

We also undertake Elevator Maintenance starting from machine room to cabins, Fire Alarm and Suppression Systems Maintenance to ensure their high level of performance for your property's top safety.

Electrical Maintenance:

Our skilled electricians are extremely reliable in all electrical services ranging from design, installation, wiring, inspection, testing and building lighting maintenance.

Civil Work (CW):

1. Masonry, Carpentry & Aluminum Works: Our trained technicians offer wide range of services, from carpentry, aluminum and masonry works to ceramic wall tiles, grouting and crack repairs using FOSROC or MBT materials.

2. Painting Services: We offer our customers an affordable yet extremely rewarding painting services for walls, ceilings, doors or even timber surfaces.

3. Cleaning Services and Pest Control: We assure the residents maximum comfort through cleaning and pest control services, providing a healthy environment and a high level of hygiene which is our top priority.

Sanitary and Drainage System Maintenance (SDS):

We provide quality plumbing services like sanitary fixtures, discharge lines, ceiling leakages, pump mixers, angle valves amongst others, our plumbing technicians deliver a tailored and unique service experience. We also offer specialized cleaning services for overhead, underground or ground water storage tanks because maintaining a high level of hygiene is our top priority.

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